Top 10 Data Security Companies - 2021

While businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of cybersecurity, most are struggling to define and implement the required security measures, especially in today’s remote working environment. The rapid digital transformation has broadened the attack surface and increased their vulnerability to data breaches. Alongside, as business processes, infrastructure, and data are increasingly moved to the cloud, protecting information and critical infrastructure requires entirely new approaches to enterprise security. With cloud-based threats continuing to grow, organizations are struggling to maintain control of critical data and ensure real-time threat intelligence. Manual security management is no longer feasible for large web application infrastructures, forcing businesses to rethink their approach to web application security.

To that end, embracing new edge technology and security practices like data encryption will drastically reduce the probability and effect of data threats. At the same, by incorporating security into agile processes such as CI/CD and DevOps, firms can effectively manage risks while maintaining the required pace and quality of development. Numerous organizations are also aiming for vendor consolidation as a way to streamline operation and reduce costs as well as complexity.

With digital transformation ongoing in many organizations, awareness of cybersecurity challenges continues to grow not just for major enterprises but also for small businesses. More corporations are coming to realize that having an effective cybersecurity strategy and cyber incident response plan is a necessity today. Information security training is also becoming common place for all staff to improve cyber-hygiene and maintain a solid security posture on all levels of the organization.

At this juncture, there are a variety of data security solution providers leveraging the aforementioned technologies to enhance cybersecurity and help businesses seamlessly navigate the increasingly malicious and disruptive cyber threat landscape. To that end, CIOReview has compiled a list of the most promising data security solution providers that are at the top of their game. The enlisted organizations are transforming infection control and prevention at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Data Security Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Data Security Companies

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    BlackCloak provides a namesake concierge cybersecurity and privacy protection platform that extends beyond individual protection of an executive to include the family, the home network, and the smart devices they interact with. The software protects individuals, families, corporate executives, and board members using a unique blend of technologies, services, and education to provide privacy, cybersecurity, and assurance in a personal digital world. Merging enterprise-grade technology with expert advice, guidance, and education, the firm delivers concierge-style plans that match the unique threats clients face. In a nutshell, merging advanced technology and 24/7 monitoring with concierge-level support, BlackCloak ensures that every aspect of an executive’s digital life is covered

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    The company has developed a “quantum-resistant architecture” (QRA) that enables its clients to deploy quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions at a cost similar to any other contemporary cybersecurity product. Castle Shield’s QRA forms the foundation for all its cybersecurity applications. The security solutions built on QRA can be broadly categorized into three distinct product lines based on their core functions, i.e. encryption, security information event management (SIEM), and regulatory compliance

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    Sydney-based Enov8 helps organizations efficiently manage their IT environments and data across the software development lifecycle. The firm specializes in building enterprise solutions for IT and Test environment management, release management, and test data management (data compliance). Enov8’s “first commercial” solution, the Enov8 Environment Manager, built using their own “low-code/no-code” platform called Ecosystem is an “enterprise intelligence” platform that that helps organizations better visualize and manage their complex IT fabric. It is a solution that ultimately reduces IT infrastructure, license, and service costs through operational standardization and streamlined automation

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    Kognos delivers a purpose-built AI engine to identify, contextualize, and map sophisticated attackers and their behavior within an organization. It autonomously connects all data sources and provides hypotheses to clients

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    Safetica has been the leading provider of data loss prevention (DLP) solutions since 2007. The company supports businesses in overcoming the pain points related with the growing number of data leaks, breaches, and misuses, which occur either inadvertently or purposefully. Since its inception in 2007, Safetica has been the leading provider of data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, which are simple-to-use and render robust protection for their client’s data as well as intellectual property assets. The people-oriented company provides products and solutions that are not only cost-effective, user friendly, and easy to deploy but also the time to deploy is considerably faster than any other data protection solution in the market

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    F-Secure is an IT security company that specializes in providing security software and solutions. With unsurpassed experience in endpoint protection as well as detection and response, F-Secure shields enterprises and consumers against everything from advanced cyber attacks and data breaches to widespread ransomware infections. F-Secure’s sophisticated technology combines the power of machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security.

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    FireEye is a cyber security company that combines the automation of technology with unparalleled frontline human expertise, including industry-recognized services and nation-state grade threat intelligence. On the front lines of cyber attacks every day, FireEye has unrivaled real-time knowledge of the global threat landscape spanning more than two decades, gathered by hundreds of highly experienced threat researchers, platform engineers, malware analysts, intelligence analysts, and investigators, as well as a global network of best-in-class business partners

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    Inovea is a new-age cyber security organization that offers unparalleled security consulting, testing and auditing services

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    NortonLifeLock provides security, storage, and systems management solutions that help consumers secure and manage their information. NortonLifeLock is dedicated to helping secure the devices, identities, online privacy, and home and family needs of approximately 50 million consumers, providing them with a trusted ally in a complex digital world.

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    Kognos delivers a purpose-built AI engine to identify, contextualize, and map sophisticated attackers and their behavior within an organization. It autonomously connects all data sources and provides hypotheses to clients.